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Xeriscaping The Perfect Choice For Drought-Prone Areasn

Alpine View Landscaping And Maintenance Provides Xeriscaping For Bend Landscaping Projects

What is xeriscaping? Xeriscape (zeer-ih-scape) is a combination of words placed together to mean dry landscaping. “Xeros” is Greek for “dry” and “scape” refers to landscape. Xeriscape, or dry landscaping, is an outdoor feature often found in regions with a very dry climate that is prone to drought conditions.

For people in the Central Oregon area who have a hard time growing plants that require lots of water, xeriscaping may be a better choice for your property. Xeriscaping relies on the use of heat tolerant plants and water saving techniques so you have a beautiful yard that can survive drought conditions.

Why Switch To Xeriscaping?

Drinking water and irrigation is a valuable resource in the Central Oregon area. When heat and drought conditions last for long periods of time, it affects the way your yard looks as you search for water-efficient methods to keep your yard looking beautiful without wasting water through run-off or evaporation.

Xeriscaping is the ideal Bend landscaping option as you will be using plants that won’t tax the local water supply. These plants are appropriate for the climate in the region. For those plants that do require some water, xeriscaping techniques rely on weather-sensing timers and drip irrigation systems so that your plants receive the right amount of water based on the current weather conditions. In addition, careful mulching allows the retention of water near roots to reduce water evaporation.

There are also a wide variety of plants that are perfect for xeriscaping. Perennial native grasses and native prairie plants thrive in hot and arid conditions as the placement of the plants can give you a lush landscaping theme with beautiful fall colors. The plants will come back year after year and require little maintenance.

Have The Perfect Xeriscape From Alpine View Landscaping And Maintenance

So don’t reduce your Bend, Oregon landscaping project to simple boulders and dry dirt. Experience xeriscaping from Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance. We can create the perfect xeriscape for your property that is beautiful and durable for the type of climate you will experience. Fall in love your your Bend landscaping again with the services that we can give to you.