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Alpine View Landscaping And Maintenance In Bend Oregon Pest And Weed Management

Let Alpine View Landscaping And Maintenance Control Your Pest And Weed Problem

There is nothing worse than slaving and mowing and pruning away at your yard to only have your lawnlawn look terrible due to pests and weeds. You’ve tried all the weed management products featured on television, did all the homemade pest management advice given by your relatives and tried every type of weed remedy found online. Yet nothing has made much of a difference as the damage is becoming worse.

Bend Pest And Weed Management Solutions

Here at Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance, we offer the latest in pest and weed management solutions. We analyze and review your yard and landscape to determine the cause of bare spots, poor grass and tree root growth, and signs of sickness in your yard. Once our landscaping experts have determined the cause, we will give you the best advice to eliminate your weed and pest problem as we will begin proper treatment steps.

Weed Preventers

Since weed treatments should be a year-long maintenance solution, we provide our weed preventers at certain times of the season to ensure the best possible application to your yard so it will be the most effective. Our weed preventers are applied in the late fall and early spring when weed seeds are likely to germinate. Our preventers eliminate seed germination, as we perform spot treatments to fight against pesky weeds that are hard to kill.

Organic Solutions

Many weed preventers contain chemicals that can be harmful to children and pets. Here at Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance, we have weed preventers that are organic and completely safe for children. Using a diluted dormant oil solution or heavy soapy solution, these child-friendly organic treatments can eliminate the following pests:

• Spider mites
• Caterpillar webs
• Aphids
• Some manageable weeds

Put down the spade and stop pumping the regular weed killer bottle that is harmful to your children. Instead, seek out expert pest and weed management solutions from Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance. We will help you get rid of the weeds and pests that are damaging your yard and preventing you from enjoying the beautiful landscape. Get outside and play in a weed-free and pest-free lawn again with the help of our landscaping professionals.