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Brighten Up Your Yard With Waterscapes From Alpine View Landscaping And Maintenance

Have The Waterscapes You Always Wanted Right On Your Property

Ever listen to the bubbling of a brook or stream when you are out on a vacation in the woods? Or how about seeing the rushing waterfall as the light hitting the water creates an aura of colors that gives a calm and relaxing view? Sometimes, you wish you can take those streams and waterfalls with you so you can have the same relaxing environment at your home. Well, you can with waterscape designs from Alpine View Landscaping And Maintenance.

Waterscapes Installation And Service From Our Expert Bend Landscapers

Waterscapes are any type of water feature placed into your Bend landscaping design. It can consist of brooks, streams, fountains, bubbling rocks, birdbaths, bogs, irrigation/retention ponds, Koi ponds, and pondless features. These waterscapes can be incorporated into your existing landscape theme to create a mini ecosystem of water-dependent plants and fish.

The type of water feature you want will depend on your budget, location of the waterscape and the size of the water feature. Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance offers water feature construction consultations so we can determine the best location to place your waterscape so that it will look beautiful in your Bend Oregon landscaping. We create hand sketches and detailed graphic drawings of your water features and the range of possibilities you can have on your property as you can choose exactly what you want. In addition to creating your perfect waterscape, we also provide maintenance services. We will ensure your water feature will run yearly without any issues. Services we provide include Spring and Fall cleanings, part replacements, treating the water to prevent algae buildup, cleaning out filters and making adjustments so you water feature is aesthetically pleasing.

No longer simply dream about having a water feature in your Bend, Oregon landscaping. Get gorgeous waterscapes created by the landscaping experts from Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance. You can have a beautiful water feature as your entire family will spend relaxing evenings outside in the gorgeous weather. Business owners can also attract more customers to their door with the beautiful waterscape on their property that looks cool and inviting.

So contact Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance today to discuss the type of waterscape you want on your property or to receive maintenance services for your existing water feature.