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Get Rid Of Your Landscaping Hassles With Artificial Grass

With the coming summer heat and the drought emergencies already being put into affect for certain regions of Oregon, it has become a real hassle trying to have a green lawn. You want nice green luscious grass. Yet you have brown spots everywhere as the water you can spare for the yard isn’t doing any good. Besides the heat and sun baking the life out of the lawn, the little presents left by the neighborhood dogs and cats are killing off the rest of it.

Artificial grass is your answer when you are tired of spending time, money and precious water trying to keep the yard alive. This type of artificial grass looks like the real thing as nobody will know the difference when looking at your Bend or Sunriver Lawn. It’s soft to the touch like natural grass as you don’t have to worry about the pets or kids hurting themselves as they go to play outside.

In addition, synthetic grass doesn’t require any herbicides, fungicides or pesticides that can harm you, your family, your pets or the rest of the living plants around the yard. The earth-friendly grass is a completely green product for people looking to have a green home that doesn’t have negative impacts on the environment.

Another thing that makes this artificial grass ideal for your home is when you are dealing with soil erosion and water runoff. If the surrounding land slopes downward into a section of the yard, it can lead to water collecting on your property, causing stagnant pools that can waterlog your grass as well as allow more bugs and mosquito larva to form. It can also cause soil erosion as the yard will look uneven with dips, ruts and holes. Synthetic grass can eliminate the problems caused by soil erosion and water runoff so your yard maintains its beauty.

Stop wasting time buying gas for the lawn mower to mow grass that you can barely get to grow. Instead, have Alpine View Landscaping install synthetic grass that is kid and pet friendly as all you have to do is go outside and enjoy looking at a yard that will stay lush and green for the entire summer. Our landscaping experts will ensure the rest of your plants, trees, shrubs and landscaping features look beautiful with the synthetic grass placed around them. We are a Synlawn Distributor.