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Alpine View Landscaping And Maintenance Offers Irrigation Services In Bend Oregon

Conserve Water While Having A Beautiful Yard With Bend Oregon Irrigation Services From Alpine View Landscaping And Maintenance

Managing your landscaping takes time and hard work that you may not have to give. Yet this doesn’t mean your plants have to suffer or your water features need to fall into disrepair. Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance can create and manage your landscaping features for your home or commercial property.

Yet not all systems work the same or last forever. When you need maintenance for your existing sprinkler system or an upgrade to make it more efficient, contact the Bend landscaping professionals at Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance. Our years of experience about landscaping and hardscaping in Bend Oregon has made us experts concerning the climate and plant life that thrives in the region. We can give your home or business a beautiful property all year.

Irrigation Services

Here at Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance, we perform numerous irrigation installation and repair services. We are available by appointment to evaluate your existing system or give you details about designing a new system to place on your property. Services we provide include:

• Design and installation of new irrigation systems
• Adding irrigation stations/zones
• General repairs and emergency repair services
• Renovating irrigation systems
• Winterization
• Back-flow testing
• Spring activations
• Irrigation system renovations
• Adapting the existing irrigation system to a new efficient water wise “SMART” controller system with rain monitoring, solar monitoring, and adjustment capabilities
• Upgrade or change inefficient heads and nozzles to a new water-efficient precipitation style parts
• Drip Watering Systems/ Low Volume

Our objective is to simplify your life when it comes to your irrigation system. When you no longer want to deal with manually turning on your system, we can provide you with the automatic “hands-free” irrigation system to make your Bend landscaping life easier.

Drip Irrigation Systems

More people are choosing drip irrigation systems for their Bend landscaping because it is the most efficient way to water the plants on their property without wasting water through evaporation or runoff. These irrigation systems deliver water directly to the roots instead of spraying it in the air as the right amount of water is delivered to the plants. Existing sprinkler systems can be adapted to a drip irrigation system as you can conserve up to 75% more water. Standard drip irrigation systems include:

• Rain sensors to prevent watering during and after rainfall
• Easy-to-use timer unit for automatic system control
• Micro Sprinklers to water large areas
• In-line drip pipes to reach flower borders, shrub borders or new hedge plantings
• Drip emitters for hanging baskets, pots and other plant containers
• Individual Drip Systems to water trees and specimen plants
• Misters to cool you off on hot days