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Let Our Bend Landscaping And Maintenance Company Give Your Property A Beautiful Hardscaping Feature

What Is Hardscaping?

Creating a landscaping feature for your home or business can beautify the property as well as raise the value of the home or commercial building. Landscaping in Bend Oregon features involve more than just the plants and lawn that are tended. It also involves the hardscaping aspects that complement the other features of the property.

Hardscaping merely refers to all the inanimate objects of your landscaping such as stone retaining walls and pavers for walkways or patios. Out of all the landscaping that can be done for your property, hardscaping is the hardest feature and often left for the Bend Oregon landscaping professionals such as Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance who provides pavers and retaining walls.

Bend Hardscaping Services: Pavers

There are many different pavers you can have for your home or business based on the application. Pavers can be placed down for driveways, walkways, and patio surfaces. Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance can install landscaping pavers, permeable pavers, and turf pavers.

Landscape Pavers

When you are looking for pavers that can handle a large amount of weight on a daily basis, such as pavers used for patio or deck areas where furniture and outdoor appliances will be set, landscape pavers are a suitable choice. These pavers are extremely durable and can successfully distribute weight without cracking as they can also shift with the ground.

Permeable Pavers

With drinking water depleting and with local municipalities changing their water codes for retaining storm water, permeable pavers are the logical option. These pavers allow for the natural draining of water without pooling in places on your property

Turf Pavers

For driveways and English-style recreational areas, turf pavers are an ideal choice when you want a durable surface. They also provide a surface that is friendly to handicapped people in wheelchairs.

Bend Hardscaping Services: Retaining Walls

Retaining walls provide an aesthetic appeal to a yard and can hold back the soil in places where the shifting earth can damage a home or business. Ask Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance about the types of retaining walls you can have for your property.

Segmental retaining walls are one such wall we can build as they offer incredible strength due to an interlocking feature that often doesn’t require the use of mortar. These retaining walls can be built with any type of material to match the overall decor theme of your Bend landscaping project.