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Fertilizer And Material Applications From Alpine View Landscaping And Maintenance In Bend Oregon

Alpine View Landscaping Is Improving The Way Your Yard Looks With Fertilizer And Material Applications

A healthy yard is a beautiful yard. We here at Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance want you to have grass, plants, trees and shrubbery that you can be proud to own. For this reason, we offer several different types of fertilizer and material applications so your plants grow lush and green every year.

Types of Fertilizer Treatments

Not all fertilizers are the same. So we have several available fertilizers for our clients who want a certain type for their lawns and yards. We normally apply organic fertilizer on yards that are part of our maintained accounts unless the client specifically requests a different kind. Fertilizer treatments we have include:

• Traditional synthetic fertilizer
• Organic fertilizer
• Synthetic/organic blend
• 100% Organic lawn ford (pet and child safe)

We also realize that certain fertilizers can be harmful to pets and children, as well as contaminate ground water and private well water for residents. If you are worried about the effects of what the fertilizer will do to your pets and children, we can apply fertilizer that has been engineered and certified as 100% pet and child safe. Here at Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance, we take your yard and your family needs very seriously. That is why we offer an organic fertilizing program based on sustainable designs suited for your particular yard without compromising the health of your family..

We take great bend fertilizingpride in using fertilizers that are locally produced and sold in the Central Oregon region. By promoting our local business owners, we strive to make a strong and supportive community. In addition, you know that your yard will be getting a fertilizer and material application best suited for the particular soil type in the Central Oregon region.

It takes more than just mowing your grass and trimming the plants to have a beautiful yard. It requires feeding your yard and maintaining the correct pH balance so everything grows lush and green. So call the landscaping experts at Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance to give your yard the fertilizer and material application it needs to become healthy. Once your yard is healthy, it will look beautiful year after year.