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  • Now is the time to start thinking about your personal landscape you live within. Is it inviting, rewarding, soothing, colorful, or functional for you, your family or your quests? Well, if none or only one of these descriptions fits your landscape, then your landscape is not complete!

  • Its time for a change, time to be creative and refreshing. It doesn’t have to be a total reconstruction, maybe its only spacing out the crowded shrubs or tree’s and replacing them with a different textured, colorful, flowering, wildlife attractive new material. Perhaps its time to build an outdoor entertaining area where you, your family and friends can sit around a fire on a beautiful flagstone patio sitting under a solid wood trellis?

  • Maybe it’s to improve the initial curb appeal? Perhaps you would like to walk on a new, solid flagstone walkway with colorful shrubs and flowers on both sides leading up to the entrance of your front door? Whatever it may be, whatever scale or budget, we can make it happen for you!

  • Be involved. This process should be exciting and with you involved. Combining our idea’s together from the start, communicating throughout the project, is what makes the difference with us. At the end of the project, you won’t find yourself saying “oh if we only…”, ” I wish we would of…”. This is what I enjoy about the whole process, your excitement from the start to the end of the job completion.

  • Don’t wait till the season’s days are getting shorter and the weather is turning colder & colder. The winter, spring, & early summer is the most ideal time to get the ball rolling. Get your project scheduled. The landscaping seasons short, and we want to ensure you get what you want in time to enjoy.

  • Start to think of your properties potential, how, and where you could utilize your landscape. Have a realistic timeline for what is involved in the scope of work your looking to have completed. Is there an area that is a “no mans land”? Areas’s that you may say “we just don’t go or look over there”? Well thats what I’m talking about, turning around those area to its potential. Maybe its a bubbling fountain or vase that you hear when your outside barbecuing, in that area in the corner you never enjoyed.

  • Really think of how much time you are willing to spend maintaining your property. If thats not the case, and you enjoy working outside, but not 2-3 hours an average weekly, than those are things that need to consider. Perhaps you would lke the luxury of having a professional service maintain the lawns and beds for you, so you can go out and enjoy your personal time and com home to it all being done for you.