Using Turf to Get Rid of Pests

Pests and Artificial Turf







If you’ve ever had problems with pests in your yard, digging up dirt, ruining grass, etc. you know it can be costly and time consuming to fix. Learn about the great ways in which artificial turf might help with pest problems, and discourage them from entering your yard in the first place.


Have you ever had deer turn your front lawn into a salad bar? Skunks and raccoons are also looking for things to eat in a grass lawn. A great way to discourage them from searching in your yard in the first place, is to install an artificial lawn. Something that most people don’t consider is that when a lawn hasn’t received ample amounts of water, bugs and grubs move closer to the surface of the dirt. This, in turn, attracts the skunks and raccoons into your yard for a snack. Because synthetic grass doesn’t require any water or grass, there are no bugs and grubs growing in your yard to find.

If you’ve ever stumbled upon a new hole or divot in your yard, created by some creature overnight, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. With an artificial turf lawn, this won’t be a problem. Wildlife enters your yard looking for food, water and shelter. If you can eliminate the food from the lawn, and eliminate the water, you’re doing well.

If you have dips and divots in your yard, it stands the chance to collect water, which invites animals in to your yard for a sip.

Butterflies and other pollinators

You may worry that turf doesn’t help other creatures, like birds, bugs, butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies and pollinators. All of these winged creatures can still be found in a yard with artificial turf. Plant other flowers that attract butterflies or bees. Consider hanging bird feeders to attract birds as well.


You’ll save on time, money and water if you install an artificial lawn at your home. You won’t have constant divots or ripped up patches in your grass, due to animals scavenging for food. You can still have the benefits of a vivacious yard, with flowers, birds, butterflies and more, with turf. You’ll just deter other animals from making your yard their favorite feeding ground or watering hole.

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