Outdoor Games on Artificial Turf

Turf Games

If you’re a fan of lawn games, but hate the wear and tear it causes on your grass, it may be time to consider converting to artificial grass. If you’re playing a game that causes repeated stress on one area of the yard, and continual damage to your grass in certain areas. Making small change to backyard games, enables them to be perfect candidates for games played on turf.

Sports and games

Games that require a net can damage grass, with poles dug into the ground. A great way to play volleyball, badminton and other similar games is to find poles that use a weighted base rather than are dug into the ground.

Football, soccer and other games that are rough on grass, can be played on turf as well. There are even special paints for drawing boundaries on turf surfaces that aren’t permanent. Most of these paints can be washed away when the game is over.

Kinds of turf

One of the benefits that artificial turf has over grass, is that when it’s installed special care is taken to removing any dips or ridges in your yard. This is an important pre-step to installing artificial grass. This means that your playing field will be flatter and more uniform that a grass backyard.

It’s important to consider the integrity of your turf when you’re playing games. Games like croquet require wires to be pushed into the ground. These wires cannot puncture the fabric backing of turf, or you run the risk of permanent damage. Playing games on turf requires finding the right kind of equipment to use to ensure the long life of your artificial turf.

If you’re planning to play routine rough games of soccer on your artificial turf backyard, it may be in your best interest to invest in a more durable kind of turf, like the kind used in athletic areas. The turf used for athletic fields can withstand a lot of wear and tear, a lot of foot traffic, as well as play. The turf requires very minimal upkeep to stay healthy. Re-growing grass in areas that take a heavier beating during backyard games, can become annoying and monotonous.

Turf lends itself well to many other great backyard games, like golf. Turf is a wonderful thing to have installed as a putting green. It often mimics the uniform length and texture of a golf course green. Bocce ball can be especially fun when played on turf, rather than in a typical bocce court. It plays just like it does on a wide beach when the tide is out.

Consider turf as a backyard alternative to grass. It takes the brunt of aggressive backyard play much better than grass does. It requires much less maintenance than grass, and doesn’t have to be regrown in patches that take lots of wear.

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