Mud season and Artificial Turf

If you had a snowy or wet winter, and Spring is just emerging, it may be time to clean up your yard and get ready for the warmer days of summer. Here are some tips for getting your turf ready for play:

Wet Winter

If you had a wet winter, chances are some water was stuck in your lawn, without the chance to drain off. We all know this is prime breeding ground for mold and mildew. Don’t despair, this happens with regular grass as well. It’s important to choose a kind of artificial turf that allows for the most amount of water drain off as possible.

While artificial turf promises a drastic decrease in yard maintenance, there is still some seasonal routine care required. You can find a mold removal product that’s formulated for fake grass.


It’s important to have an artificial turf that has great drainage, especially if you have pets. Drainage is key to keeping your yard in the best condition that it can be. If you have pets, it’s important to hose off the area of artificial turf that they use most frequently, to prolong the turf’s life.

Brushing off the lawn

Something that will really improve the life of your turf, is taking the time to brush it off frequently. This is especially important in spring, as it’s landscaping season. This usually results in rocks and dirt ending up on your turf. If left rocks can tear up the edges of the turf, resulting in potentially expensive repairs.

Turf Yards

Having an artificial turf lawn, is a lot easier to take care of than regular grass. It requires minimal effort and maintenance, but if neglected it can be costly to replace. Turf is a cheaper option, because you pay for it to be installed once, and then have it for years. But in order have an artificial turf yard for it’s maximum lifetime, you do have to take care of it.

Removing pet waste is important, as well as hosing off that area of the lawn. You have to be on the lookout for mold, and problem drainage areas. It’s important to find a brand of turf that allows the maximum amount of drainage.

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