Planning a Garden with Turf

Gardening can be very relaxing and is a popular hobby. It’s also an expensive hobby, as some homeowners spend a small fortune each spring buying and planting flowers, herbs, veggies and more. Some people find gardening can be overwhelming because of all of the tending a garden requires. The benefit of having an artificial yard is that there is no time to be spent cutting the grass or weeding, which leaves plenty of time to spend in the garden. With artificial turf you don’t have to give up gardening as a hobby, it simply allows you more time to focus on the needs of your garden. Kinds of turf There are many different kinds of turf, and some are better suited for gardening areas. If you plan to use turf in your garden as well. Choose a different style or texture of your fake grass, one that will blend in Continue Reading

Mud season and Artificial Turf

If you had a snowy or wet winter, and Spring is just emerging, it may be time to clean up your yard and get ready for the warmer days of summer. Here are some tips for getting your turf ready for play: Wet Winter If you had a wet winter, chances are some water was stuck in your lawn, without the chance to drain off. We all know this is prime breeding ground for mold and mildew. Don’t despair, this happens with regular grass as well. It’s important to choose a kind of artificial turf that allows for the most amount of water drain off as possible. While artificial turf promises a drastic decrease in yard maintenance, there is still some seasonal routine care required. You can find a mold removal product that’s formulated for fake grass. Drainage It’s important to have an artificial turf that has great drainage, especially Continue Reading

Using Turf on a Second Home

If you own a second home, the upkeep can be a huge headache. If it’s a home that you rent out or even if it’s an empty home that you don’t live near, taking care of things from afar can be difficult. If you’re not around, you have to make sure that your yard gets mowed, watered, weeded, and that someone takes care of it at all times. If the headache of taking care of a lawn from hours or states away is starting to get to you, it may be time to consider investing in an artificial lawn for that second property. Read on to learn about the benefits of installing artificial turf. Maintenance Artificial turf takes much to maintain. It requires no water to stay green, in fact it stays green year-round. If you own a second home at the beach or coast, and are worried about the Continue Reading

Using Turf to Get Rid of Pests

            If you’ve ever had problems with pests in your yard, digging up dirt, ruining grass, etc. you know it can be costly and time consuming to fix. Learn about the great ways in which artificial turf might help with pest problems, and discourage them from entering your yard in the first place. Critters Have you ever had deer turn your front lawn into a salad bar? Skunks and raccoons are also looking for things to eat in a grass lawn. A great way to discourage them from searching in your yard in the first place, is to install an artificial lawn. Something that most people don’t consider is that when a lawn hasn’t received ample amounts of water, bugs and grubs move closer to the surface of the dirt. This, in turn, attracts the skunks and raccoons into your yard for a snack. Because Continue Reading

Outdoor Games on Artificial Turf

If you’re a fan of lawn games, but hate the wear and tear it causes on your grass, it may be time to consider converting to artificial grass. If you’re playing a game that causes repeated stress on one area of the yard, and continual damage to your grass in certain areas. Making small change to backyard games, enables them to be perfect candidates for games played on turf. Sports and games Games that require a net can damage grass, with poles dug into the ground. A great way to play volleyball, badminton and other similar games is to find poles that use a weighted base rather than are dug into the ground. Football, soccer and other games that are rough on grass, can be played on turf as well. There are even special paints for drawing boundaries on turf surfaces that aren’t permanent. Most of these paints can be Continue Reading