Using Turf to Get Rid of Pests

            If you’ve ever had problems with pests in your yard, digging up dirt, ruining grass, etc. you know it can be costly and time consuming to fix. Learn about the great ways in which artificial turf might help with pest problems, and discourage them from entering your yard in the first place. Critters Have you ever had deer turn your front lawn into a salad bar? Skunks and raccoons are also looking for things to eat in a grass lawn. A great way to discourage them from searching in your yard in the first place, is to install an artificial lawn. Something that most people don’t consider is that when a lawn hasn’t received...
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Outdoor Games on Artificial Turf

If you’re a fan of lawn games, but hate the wear and tear it causes on your grass, it may be time to consider converting to artificial grass. If you’re playing a game that causes repeated stress on one area of the yard, and continual damage to your grass in certain areas. Making small change to backyard games, enables them to be perfect candidates for games played on turf. Sports and games Games that require a net can damage grass, with poles dug into the ground. A great way to play volleyball, badminton and other similar games is to find poles that use a weighted base rather than are dug into the ground. Football, soccer and other games that are...
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Managing Grass Allergies with Artificial Turf

Every year around 19 million adults in the United States. Hay fever, as it’s called, is described can be associated with sneezing, congestion, itchy or watery eyes. More severe reactions result in hives or asthma attacks. It’s a very common pollen allergy and can affect old or young people, and even dogs. Simple changes There are easy things you can do to help with your hay fever when spring arrives. Try keeping your windows closed in your house, to minimize the amount of pollen that gets into your home. Try to avoid drying your laundry outside, as it can pick up extra pollen while it’s drying. Wearing clothing that has pollen in it, could exacerbate your symptoms. If you have...
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