Blowout your sprinklers before Winter Hits. 


Winter can hit quickly in Central Oregon. Don’t get caught off guard with frozen pipes. Blowout your irrigation system before it’s too late. It’s an inexpensive insurance to winterize your irrigation lines. You will be happy you did winterize your sprinkler system when spring comes around and your irrigation system is ready to go.

– Most of our properties are winterized in October and November, but we do winterizations all the way into December
– We try to group winterizations by sections of town if at a possible
– We will leave a fluorescent notice on the door or entry area once system is winterized.
– Please make sure all known in ground valve box lids are clear and accessible for us to see. in the landscape.

It’s easy to do!

1. Click this link to email me
2. Please include your service address, best contact number and any other pertinent information.
3. You will receive a confirmation email and an approximate date of service.
4. An invoice will follow in the mail (or through e-mail) within 2-3 weeks of the winterizing service.
*5. If the property requesting to be winterized is different than the billing or personal residence address, please note.


 Licenced, Bonded and Insured – LCB#8197

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Thank you for choosing Alpine View Landscaping to protect your personal landscaping investment.