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Many uses of artificial grass

Most people think of artificial grass as perfect for sports fields, golf courses, and rarely anything else. Artificial turf can be used in many places around the home, and they offer less maintenance. Learn about different ways to incorporate turf into your home. For pets Using turf as an area for your pets to play outdoors is great. Turf is quite durable, more durable than grass, and it can be an ideal place for your pets to play. Artificial grass is made with tough, non-abrasive fibers, that stand up well to rough outdoor pet play. Another benefit of turf is that cleaning up after your pets can be a lot easier. Rinsing away pet mess is very easy, with just...
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What’s the difference between athletic turf and residential turf?

You’ve seen a sports field or two with artificial turf, and wondered is it the same turf people use as their lawn? The two are very similar but have some key differences. Learn about the difference between athletic turf and residential turf. Athletic Turf Athletic turf is tougher than most kinds of turf. It should withstand rough play for sports, like football, baseball, soccer and more. Sports like these require a softer field to play sports, but also a field that can take a beating. Athletic turf is also designed specifically to protect players when they’re on the field. If they’re sliding, falling or tackling someone, the turf’s fibers are non-abrasive. The fibers are designed to minimize the damage to...
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