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Tips for Creating a Backyard Oasis with Turf

Turf can be a great alternative to grass for many reasons. It makes pet clean up easier, and can take a much rougher playtime from your children, than a grass yard can. Benefits of turf Turf is great because it requires much less upkeep than a real grass yard does. It doesn’t need water, or time to grow, which cuts down your water bill significantly. You also don’t have to use unsafe chemical fertilizers or herbicides, keeping your backyard an even safer place for kids and pets. Something key to remember when you have a turf area that pets frequent, it’s important to clean this area frequently. Turf can be susceptible to a foul odor if animal waste is not...
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Why is turf a great pet-friendly option?

If you’re considering converting to a turf or synthetic grass yard, but are cautious as to how it will work with your pets, there are some benefits you may have not considered. Turf can make the care and keeping of pets a lot easier to manage, in addition to keeping your backyard cleaner and easier to maintain. Things to look for One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for turf for your yard areas, is drainage. If your pet routinely uses a certain area of your yard for their bathroom, it may be important to consider an extra focus to drainage there. It also maybe important to consider drainage all over your yard for pet...
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