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Before Spring Ends, Get the Property in Shape With These Yard Cleaning Tips

March is already gone and April is approaching its end. Yet you still haven’t started the spring yard cleaning. Before the temperatures get too hot to work outside, and to have the property looking nice when the kids are out of school playing in the grass, now is the time to get some much needed yard cleaning in. Here are 5 tips that will help you get the to-do list organized and finished so you can sit back on the lounge chair and relax. Pruning and Trimming You’ll want to understand the type of tree or bush you have before pruning and trimming. Some flowering trees and shrubs are best trimmed in early spring while they are still dormant to...
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Get Your Sprinklers Ready for the Warmer Weather

With the temperatures steadily rising, the grass and plants in the yard definitely need some undivided attention so they grow lush and green throughout the summer. If you winterized the sprinklers last fall before the snow set in, it’s now time to get the water system up and running. Recharging the Sprinkler System Never just go outside and turn on the water full force. If you did the proper thing by draining the sprinkler system before shutting it down, then the system is now filled with air. Turning on the water full blast will push the air out at a force that can blow out pipes and sprinkler heads as this is called a “water hammer.” You want to slowly...
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