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Tips To Making Your Xeriscape Live And Thrive

Many people in the Central Oregon region have chosen xeriscaping as a way to conserve water during drought conditions while still having a beautiful lawn that incorporates drought-resistant plants and turf. Yet getting the xeriscape started and maintained can feel like a daunting experience. Here are several tips on how to get your xeriscape thriving and growing beautifully. Consistent Watering Is Required At The Beginning Your hardy plants need to establish the root growth they require so that they won’t need as much water later in their plant life cycles. So it is essential that you water the plants consistently during the first few years. The plants will be able to grow strong and deep roots. In several years, you...
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Facts About Synthetic Putting Greens

Synthetic putting greens are on the rise for many homeowners and businesses as these putting greens can be used year-round and offer a durability that isn’t found with traditional grass lawns. In fact, synthetic putting greens require less maintenance as they do not require watering, mowing, weeding or fertilizing. This type of artificial grass is easy to clean and will not fade from the intense sunlight. There are certain things to consider if you are debating whether a synthetic putting green is right for you so you can practice your putting skills at home. Take into consideration the face weight of the synthetic grass, types of putting green characteristics, heat absorption, and density style. Face Weight Face weight of synthetic...
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