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What To Look For In A Landscaper?

Landscaping your yard increases the curb appeal of your home and commercial property as it provides a relaxing place. Yet often we can’t find the time to give the yard that extra bit of care it needs. Hiring a landscaper allows people to maintain their lawns all year round as a professional can spot potential problems easily and fix the issues before they become costly. Hiring The Right Landscaper There are better ways to find a landscaper instead of just choosing the top one that appears during an online search. Here are a few tips on what you should look for in a landscaper to ensure you picked the one that will take good care of your lawn. Ask People...
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Lawn Watering Basics: How Long and How Often To Water Grass In Summer?

Summer lawn care is essential for your grass to stay green and vibrant throughout the hot months. With the temperatures high enough to cook eggs on the sidewalk, you want your grass to have enough water so it doesn’t turn brown and dry. Yet how often should you water the lawn? Every day? Twice a week? Also, how long should you spray water across the grass so that it gets enough water? How Often To Water Your Lawn? Some people think going outside to water the grass twice every day will help their lawn thrive. Yet most often, they are over watering the grass in the summer as water rushes down the street and mushrooms start to form. You should...
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