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Considering Pond Construction: Know All The Facts

Pond Construction Essentials: Planning Your Backyard Pond Backyard ponds are great additions to landscape elements as you can create a mini-ecosystem that you can watch and listen to at all hours. Yet before you start building your pond, you need to ensure that you can place the pond into the backyard. Underground water, gas and electrical lines can hamper the placement of the pond in the yard. Also, underground oil storage tanks for home heating purposes can immediately halt your pond design due to factors such as ground contamination. Survey the area where you will be placing the pond and contact the local utility companies before digging. Once the area is clear of any ground obstructions, you can next decide...
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Irrigation Tips: How To Water The Lawn During The Summer Heat

Summer is the harshest season for growing grass as the temperature rises. It turns brown, becomes brittle and is blown away by the hard wind. The only thing you can do is water the lawn hoping that the grass grows back to its lush, green state. Yet you can do more with your watering techniques to achieve this goal by watering your lawn the right way throughout the summer. Watering Timetable Most of the problems we experience with watering the lawn is the right time of day to do it. While people understand that watering the lawn during the heat of the day will only cause the water to evaporate without reaching the grass roots, another big mistake is watering...
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Lawn Care Services Tips: Keep Your Grass Looking Great In The Summer By Fertilizing It

It is summer vacation time as you will be spending several weeks taking care of the neglected grass. It is looking a bit scraggly as there seems to be more weeds and insects than grass blades. You decide it is time to feed the grass some fertilizer to get it growing again. What To Do Before Fertilizing Your Grass Before purchasing a bag of fertilizer, you need to determine whether your grass really needs to be fertilized and what nutrients you should feed it. Some grass, such as cool-season grasses of Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue, are dormant during the summer and grow rambunctiously in the winter. So it is ideal to fertilize this grass in the fall although you...
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