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Spring Trimming Of Your Bushes, Shrubs And Trees

  Benefits of Pruning Your Trees and Shrubs Pruning, or trimming, your trees, bushes and shrubs offers many benefits to the plants besides making them look good. It promotes their health as you remove dead or diseased branches that can affect the entire tree or shrub. Trimming also encourages healthy growth of leaves and flowers. Lastly, removing dead branches can protect people and property from damage. Best Time To Trim Your Shrubs and Bushes You can trim your shrubs, both foliage and flowering, during the spring before new growth starts. Prune all the dead and diseased branches off as you thin out the branches so there is a good amount of spacing. Hardy shrubs can be pruned back to where...
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Check Out Your Sprinkler System This Spring

Conserving water and cutting down on your water usage bills may become a priority for you this year. Besides finding ways to cut down on water usage in your home, you may want to take a look at the sprinklers in your yard. It’s easy to forget about routine maintenance for your sprinklers because the pipes are under the soil. Yet it is the one place where you could be wasting water as your flowers and plants are wilting. Check out your sprinkler system and ensure you are properly watering your plants this spring while saving water. Inspect For Clogs, Missing Sprinkler Heads and Broken Pipes Soil can get into the pipes when you are gardening to create clogs. Or...
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